What is Studio ?

Play Tournaments Studio is a Platform for tournaments creator of various online Multiplayer Games. Where u can create a Play Tournaments Channel and Publish Tournaments to your players Easily

How Can We Join Studio ?

Contact Us For Joining details.
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Play Tournaments Studio Features

We offer Creator Needs

  • Create Custom Tournaments

    Create Custom Tournaments Everyday at Everytime. Publish with your Own Subcribers, Counduct Tournaments & Give Rewards.

  • How to share Channel with users?

    Users can subribe u through App and also they can subcribe through ur Channel Link.

  • Give Rewards Directly in Play Tournaments App

    Hosters can Give Amazing Rewards to tournaments players directly through Playtournament ! It's real! Try it.

  • Excellent Support

    If you have any questions, just msg us on Telegram or Whatsapp, and we will answer you shortly.
    (Telegram and WhatsApp number is given below)

Contact Us

Telegram Number:7620401273
Whatsapp Number:7620401273

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